Welcome to the e-TRIPS Gateway

The e-TRIPS Gateway provides a single point of access to information related to the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement). The e-TRIPS Gateway provides improved transparency and user-friendly access to TRIPS-related documents and data. In particular, the site enables you to browse, search, generate and download outputs from the following sources of information:

  • TRIPS Notifications, such as domestic laws and regulations relevant to TRIPS;
  • TRIPS Review Materials, such as responses to questionnaires established by the TRIPS Council;
  • TRIPS-related Reports, such as regular reports on technical assistance and measures for technology transfer; and
  • Information related to the TRIPS Council, such as minutes from the TRIPS Council (including its Special Session) and other related documents.

The TRIPS Agreement, negotiated during the 1986-94 Uruguay Round, introduced intellectual property (IP) rules into the multilateral trading system for the first time. It establishes minimum standards for the protection and enforcement of IP that each Member has to accord to the nationals of fellow WTO Members.

The TRIPS Agreement recognizes the value of transparency about Members' IP regimes. WTO Members have therefore agreed to provide a range of information about their IP laws, their enforcement, and other aspects of their IP systems. This information is available in the e-TRIPS Gateway.

More information on the TRIPS Agreement and TRIPS-related issues is available here.