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Trademarks Decree, 1964/296
Decree of the Council of State repealing section 31 of the Trademarks Decree, adopted on 18 July 2013, 2013/579, entry into force on 1 September 2013 - Valtioneuvoston asetus tavaramerkkiasetuksen 31 §:n kumoamisesta - Statsrådets förordning om upphävande av 31 § i varumärkesförordningen Section 31 concerning register entries was repealed. Decree of the Council of State amending the Trademarks Decree, adopted on 13 April 2000, 2000/370, entry into force on 1 May 2000 - Valtioneuvoston asetus tavaramerkkiasetuksen muuttamisesta - Statsrådets förordning om ändring av varumärkesförordningen Amendments were made to following provisions: - section 2.1 concerning information included in the trademark register - section 22.1 concerning information contained in the public notice relating to trademark registration - section 25 concerning information, which should be included in the public notice on the transfer of a registered trademark as well as licenses to be entered in the register Subsection 3 was added to section 3 and a new section 9a was inserted. Those sections relate to the division of a trademark application.
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