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The Copyright (Amendment) Act 2017 provides for amendments to certain sections of the main Act, i.e. the Copyright Act 2014 in order to inter alia: a) make provisions regarding phonograms in Section 10; b) increase the duration of copyright in Section 15; c) make better provisions in relation to the payment of equitable remuneration in Section 35; d) replace the words “Rights Management Society” by the words “Mauritius Society of Authors” in Section 43; and e) Repeal and replace Section 48.
(except for Section 8)
Published in the Government Gazette of Mauritius No. 110 of 23 November 2017
Contact details of Authority responsible for overseeing the Copyright Act are as follows: • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Arts and Culture (responsible for policy issues regarding Copyright) – Tel: +230 212 5848 • Mauritius Society of Authors is responsible, inter alia, to collectively manage rights of author or other owner to authorize: - Reproduction of a work; - Translation of a work; - Adaptation, arrangement or other transformation of a work including cinematographic adaption; - Distribution to the public of the original or a fixed copy of a work; - Public performance of a work; - Broadcasting of a work; - Other forms of communication to public of a work and - Related rights – Tel: +230 467 2219 / +230 454 7931 • Commissioner of Police - Policing of criminal offences regarding breach of Copyright (Anti-Piracy Unit) – Tel: +230 211 9114 • The responsibility of Intellectual property falls under the Industrial Property Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade – Tel: (+230) 2085714, 2085768, 2124431, 2108917