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In this new Act, the procedure for granting a patent for an invention is revised in such a way that the applicant will be able to find out at an early stage whether his invention meets the basic conditions of patentability (novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability) by introducing a mandatory prior search of the state of the art and (optional) written opinion on patentability of the invention applied for already before the publication of the application in the official gazette of the Office. The next significant novelty provided by the new Act refers to the complete revision of the existing institute of consensual patent (alternative way of protecting inventions), which is repealed by this Act, and introduces a utility model that differs more clearly from the patent in name and concept. In relation to the existing legal solution of the consensual patent, it is prescribed to limit the subject matter of protection by a utility model in such a way that, with generally accepted exceptions related to the subject matter of patent protection, inventions related to procedures, inventions in biotechnology, inventions of chemical or pharmaceutical substances and inventions whose commercial exploitation would be contrary to public policy or morality are excluded from protection.
Publication: The Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia No 16/2020 of 12 February 2020
State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia