Laws and Regulations under TRIPS Art. 63.2 - View details of the document

The Polish authorities would like to inform the TRIPS Council of their intention to avail themselves of the right, under Article 65.3 of the TRIPS Agreement, to delay the date of application of the provisions of this Agreement other than Articles 3, 4 and 5 beyond the date of 1 January 1996. Poland is intensively undergoing the process of transformation from a centrally-planned into a market, free-enterprise economy. One element of this process of transformation is a structural reform of the intellectual property system. An amount of the legislation dedicated to intellectual property is already enforced, while other laws and regulations are at a different stage of drafting. Taking into account the decision of the Council for TRIPS of 21 November 1995, as set forth in paragraph 3 of document IP/C/2, Poland submits attached the list of its main laws and regulations pertaining to the subject matter of this Agreement, that have been already brought into conformity with provisions of the TRIPS Agreement, together with their English translation.