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Act of Criminal Procedure Nº 1412
The Act deals with such matters as the identification and collection of evidence of crimes, indictment of persons who engage in crimes, the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of crimes, the procedure of criminal trials, seizure and confiscation of goods used in the crime. Criminal procedure on intellectual property shall be initiated by complaints. Article 423: Complaints shall be treated as an urgent matter. Cases treated as an urgent matter are dealt with during the period of judicial break (between 5 July-20 September). Article 344/1-8: Pursuant to Article 75 of the Intellectual and Artistic Works Act, a private person has the right to initiate personal criminal proceedings, in addition to the public prosecutor. Nevertheless, in cases where the complaint is a requirement, if the public prosecutor is bringing action depends on his finding a clear public benefit to do so (Articles 346 and 347).