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The Law of Ukraine “On Pesticides and Agrochemicals”
The Law regulates, inter alia, legal relations pertaining to state registration, production, acquisition, transportation, storage, sales, and use, in a manner safe for human health and the environment, of pesticides and agrochemicals.Article 1 provides definition of the term “counterfeit pesticides and agrochemicals”: products that are not in compliance with the established requirements for pesticides and agrochemicals including such products the packing of which features a registered mark for goods and services that is used with infringement of the owner’s rights. Article 10 sets out requirements for packing and marking, in particular, the requirement of conditioning pre-packaging of pesticides and agrochemicals on the existence of appropriate permission from its manufacturer or the owner of the mark for goods and services. Article 20 establishes liability for infringements of laws on pesticides and agrochemicals. Responsibility shall be borne by persons guilty, in particular, of using pesticides and agrochemicals with full knowledge of their counterfeit nature.