Laws and Regulations under TRIPS Art. 63.2 - View details of the document

The Permanent Mission of Uruguay presents its compliments to the WTO Secretariat and has the honour to make the following notification pursuant to Article 63 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). All the provisions of the WTO Agreements, which were ratified by Law No. 16.671 of 13 December 1994, have had force of law for Uruguay since 1 January 1995. On 30 December 1994, the National Directorate of Industrial Property issued a resolution, pursuant to the above-mentioned Law, so as to be able to fulfil the obligation contained in Article 70.8 of the TRIPS Agreement. This measure was confirmed by a resolution of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, who is the competent authority in matters relating to industrial property. In accordance with these provisions, as from 1 January 1995 the National Directorate of Industrial Property receives applications for patents for chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical products, applies to these applications the patentability criteria provided for in the TRIPS Agreement, and considers the date of the application for the purpose of determining priority of filing. The text of the regulations in force are attached.