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I have the honour to write to you on behalf of the MERCOSUR States Parties (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) in order to communicate the following decision adopted by the MERCOSUR Common Market Group at its XXIXth Meeting (Buenos Aires, 6 to 8 May 1998): "The Common Market Group requested the Pro Tempore Chairman to notify to the Council for the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), the Treaty of Asunción and the Ouro Preto Protocol, with reference not only to the provisions contained therein but also all agreements, protocols, decisions, resolutions and guidelines adopted or to be adopted in the future by MERCOSUR or its States Parties in the course of the regional integration process that are of relevance to TRIPS, pursuant to the Agreement". By virtue of the above and in keeping with the terms of Article 4(d) of the TRIPS Agreement, I hereby notify the texts of the Treaty of Asunción of 26 March 1991 establishing MERCOSUR and the Ouro Preto Protocol signed on 17 December 1994.