Notifications under TRIPS Art. 4(d) - View details of the document

This list, drawn up on a provisional basis and subject to further reviews, catalogues the multilateral and bilateral agreements concluded by France and in force prior to the date of entry into force of the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization, which grant nationals of the co signatory country(ies) specific advantages in the field of intellectual property. The advantages granted under these agreements are based on the principle of reciprocal compliance with the requirements negotiated and recognized by the two parties, regarding especially the requirements of production and origin; they are not therefore discriminatory. In any case, in the field of literary and artistic property, these agreements are notified for information purposes in the event that it is considered that such agreements do not come under the provisions of Article 4(b) of the TRIPS Agreement. The agreements fall into the following categories: I. Literary and artistic property General agreements II. Industrial property 1. General agreements 2. Agreements concerning rules of procedure for patents 3. Agreements concluded in the field of geographical indications 4. Agreements on trade and scientific and technical cooperation