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The TRIPS Council noted at its meeting of 21 November 1995 that Members who wish to have legal cover from 1 January 1996 for any exceptions to MFN treatment by reference to the above-mentioned Article, will have to notify this before this date. 1.On this background Norway hereby notifies the TRIPS Council of the Agreement establishing the European Economic Area. Norway would like to underline that notification of this Agreement concerns not only those provisions directly contained therein as interpreted by the relevant jurisprudence, but also existing or future acts adopted on the basis of the above mentioned Agreement following the process of regional integration. 2.Norway would also like to notify the following: -With respect to the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants of 2 December 1961 and the related Norwegian national law, the Act of 12 March 1993 Relating to the Plant Breeder's Right, Norway will not automatically accord most favoured nation treatment to other countries than those which are member States of the said Convention. -With respect to the Regulations Concerning Registration of Industrial Designs of 10 September 1970, issued in accordance with the Norwegian Design Act, most favoured nation treatment is not applied to the fullest extent as a consequence of Section 36 in the above mentioned Regulations which exempts applicants for and owners of industrial designs domiciled in Denmark and Sweden from the obligation to have a representative domiciled in Norway. (The said Regulations are under revision, also with regard to Section 36. Further information will be transmitted when new regulations are adopted.)