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Ambassador Chak Mun See (Singapore)
66. The representative of Australia objected to the European Communities' comment about Australia's disposition in the discussions and said that her delegation, being constructively engaged in the negotiations had posed, at the previous meeting, a number of questions to the European Communities in order to advance the discussions. She reiterated her delegation's view that several aspects of the proposal from the European Communities mirrored aspects of the Lisbon Agreement, which was an instrument with a small and narrow range of adherents, and cautioned again against the premise that the notification and registration system to be established under Article 23.4 had to have the maximum legal effect. Australia's substantive comments on the proposals that had been tabled were designed to ensure that the system that would eventually be established would be truly effective. As regards the European Communities' proposal for the Secretariat to prepare a comparative table, she would consult her capital and hoped to present, at the next meeting, her delegation's views on how such a table might be structured.