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Ambassador Chak Mun See (Singapore)
206. The representative of Australia said that her delegation retained a keen interest in progressing the work of the TRIPS Council towards a clearer, shared understanding of the scope and modalities of non-violation complaints. She concurred with Mexico that the uncertainty of the Council on that issue should not be prolonged. As set out in Australia's paper (IP/C/W/212), the TRIPS Council should ideally follow the sequence established under Article 64 of the TRIPS Agreement, i.e. there should be TRIPS Council recommendations on scope and modalities followed by a consensus Ministerial Conference decision. In its intervention, Canada had usefully highlighted some of the other key points made in Australia's paper. Rather than reiterating points contained in her delegation's paper, she referred to the paper urging delegations to consider the issues outlined in it. Australia would welcome substantive comments both on its paper and the other submissions which had been put on the table. Her delegation was encouraged by the fact that several delegations during the current meeting had expressed a similar desire to move forward on the issue.