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Ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku (Zimbabwe)
Antigua and Barbuda
B.v.b Review of the legislation of 16 Members
47. In accordance with the procedures for the review of legislation, the delegations of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Cuba, Gabon, Ghana, India, Lithuania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and Zimbabwe each provided a brief introductory overview of the structure of their legislation in the areas covered by the Agreement and of the changes that they had had to bring about in order to make their legislation compatible with the TRIPS Agreement. The records of these introductory statements as well as the questions put to them and the responses given (including responses to follow-up questions given after the meeting) will be circulated in the following documents with the following symbols: Antigua and Barbuda IP/Q/ATG/1; IP/Q2/ATG/1; IP/Q3/ATG/1; IP/Q4/ATG/1; Barbados IP/Q/BRB/1; IP/Q2/BRB/1; IP/Q3/BRB/1; IP/Q4/BRB/1; Brazil IP/Q/BRA/1; IP/Q2/BRA/1; IP/Q3/BRA/1; IP/Q4/BRA/1; Brunei Darussalam IP/Q/BRN/1; IP/Q2/BRN/1; IP/Q3/BRN/1; IP/Q4/BRN/1; Cuba IP/Q/CUB/1; IP/Q2/CUB/1; IP/Q3/CUB/1; IP/Q4/CUB/1; Gabon IP/Q/GAB/1; IP/Q2/GAB/1; IP/Q3/GAB/1; IP/Q4/GAB/1; Ghana IP/Q/GHA/1; IP/Q2/GHA/1; IP/Q3/GHA/1; IP/Q4/GHA/1; India IP/Q/IND/1; IP/Q2/IND/1; IP/Q3/IND/1; IP/Q4/IND/1; Lithuania IP/Q/LTU/1; IP/Q2/LTU/1; IP/Q3/LTU/1; IP/Q4/LTU/1; Malaysia IP/Q/MYS/1; IP/Q2/MYS/1; IP/Q3/MYS/1; IP/Q4/MYS/1; Pakistan IP/Q/PAK/1; IP/Q2/PAK/1; IP/Q3/PAK/1; IP/Q4/PAK/1; Sri Lanka IP/Q/LKA/1; IP/Q2/LKA/1; IP/Q3/LKA/1; IP/Q4/LKA/1; Thailand IP/Q/THA/1; IP/Q2/THA/1; IP/Q3/THA/1; IP/Q4/THA/1; Tunisia IP/Q/TUN/1; IP/Q2/TUN/1; IP/Q3/TUN/1; IP/Q4/TUN/1; Uruguay IP/Q/URY/1; IP/Q2/URY/1; IP/Q3/URY/1; IP/Q4/URY/1; Zimbabwe IP/Q/ZWE/1; IP/Q2/ZWE/1; IP/Q3/ZWE/1; IP/Q4/ZWE/1.