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Ambassador Eduardo Pérez Motta (Mexico)
C.i Scope and coverage
52. The representative of Sri Lanka said that with respect to product coverage there seemed to be a degree of agreement but the devil lay in the detail and she wanted the term "pharmaceutical products" to be defined more clearly. She said that document IP/C/W/345 referred to a UNIDO study that used the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) system to identify products. This system of classification was much more narrow than the Harmonised System (HS) used to identify trading products. The SITC, she said, only referred to finished products whereas the Harmonised System included active ingredients and products that had to be mixed before use. Chapter 3 of the HS also referred to diagnostic kits. Given the desirable and wider scope of the HS system of classification, she said that Members should explore whether this would be acceptable to them. 53. With respect to importing countries, she was disturbed by the allusion that only least-developed countries and low-income developing countries should be eligible to be beneficiaries. Paragraph 6 referred to "smallness" and countries that might have higher incomes might be too small to have their own manufacturing capability. She said that there was a need to include all criteria and not just low-income.