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Ambassador Eduardo Pérez Motta (Mexico)
251. The Chairman recalled that, at Doha, Ministers had instructed the TRIPS Council to put in place a mechanism for ensuring the monitoring and full implementation of the obligations under Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement. The Ministers had also agreed that, to this end, developed country Members should submit, prior to the end of 2002, detailed reports on the functioning in practice of the incentives provided to their enterprises for transfer of technology in pursuance of the commitments under that Article. Given the need for early action to implement the Ministerial instruction and in light of the suggestions and discussions in the Council and informal consultations, the Chairman had circulated, prior to the Council's meeting in September 2002, an informal note (JOB(02)/118). This note suggested a number of elements for the consideration of the Council that could form the basis of a decision on this matter. Since delegations had appeared to need more time to consider these suggestions, the Council had agreed to revert to these elements at the present meeting. In the meantime, developed country Members were requested to make information on their implementations of Article 66.2 available for the present meeting. In doing so, they were invited to use the guidelines in the Chairman's informal note if they found them useful.