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Ambassador Eduardo Pérez Motta (Mexico)
Adoption of the Agenda
23. The representative of Bulgaria said that he was reassured by the statement by the United States that the Council should not prejudge the discussion whether on procedure or on substance at the TNC level. However, he disagreed with the suggestion that discussing substance at the TNC level would prejudge which option Members would take, because he wished option 1 to be considered together with other options. He reiterated his view that paragraph 18 contained a different mandate for GI extension, like paragraph 19 contained a different mandate for certain other implementation issues. In the light of the US comments, he said that it might be better to include the issues referred to in paragraph 19 on the agenda in the form that was done before Doha so as to make it clear that they were included on another basis. He was ready to accept the Australian suggestion on the basis of an understanding concerning the implications of deadlines he had outlined before.