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Ambassador Vanu Gopala Menon (Singapore)
A.i.a Notifications from Members whose transitional periods under Article 65.2 or 65.3 expired on 1 January 2000 or who have acceded to the WTO after that date
1. The Chairman drew attention to the Secretariat's updated note reflecting the status of the notifications received from Members so far (JOB(04)/5). The note showed from which of the Members in question notifications had been received and/or circulated by 2 March 2004. From the 81 Members in question, there were still four who had not yet submitted any notification concerning their implementing legislation, namely Papua New Guinea; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; and Swaziland. Notifications from a number of other Members were incomplete. Recalling that pursuant to Article 63.2 of the Agreement the notifications of the laws and regulations in question were generally due as of 1 January 2000, he urged all Members with unfulfilled notification obligations to submit the outstanding material without delay.