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Mr. Tony Miller (Hong Kong, China)
262. The representative of Brazil said that, since Members were confronted with this proposal from the European Communities for the first time and without any advance notice, it was difficult for them to take a position on it at the present time. He said that he was looking forward to receiving the document foreshadowed by the European Communities. However, in the absence of more information and clarity on the nature, extent and objectives of the proposed exercise, he believed it to be entirely unreasonable to expect Members to agree to having a new item added to the agenda of the Council's next meeting. Therefore, he suggested that the Council should not agree to include the new item proposed by the European Communities on its agenda. The European Communities could raise the issue again under "Other Business" at the Council's next meeting and introduce its submission at that time. In the meantime, other Members could obtain proper instructions from their capitals in order to be able to respond to the proposal.