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Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke (Barbados)
189. The Chairman said that the list of the 17 pending requests for observer status in the TRIPS Council by other intergovernmental organizations was contained in document IP/C/W/52/Rev.11. He recalled that the Council had discussed these pending requests at its previous meetings, but had not been able to reach consensus on any of them. He informed the Council that the Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, in his letter to the Director-General dated 1 May 2006, had drawn attention to the fact that the Eighth Session of the CBD Conference of the Parties, at its meeting in Curitiba, Brazil in March 2006, had adopted decisions VII/16 and BS-III/6 to renew the application for accreditation of the CBD Secretariat as an observer at the TRIPS Council. This and other pending requests had been discussed at an informal meeting of the Council but, unfortunately, he was not in a position to report any developments in delegations' thinking concerning the pending requests. Therefore, he suggested that the Council take note of this information and agree to revert to this matter at its next meeting.