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Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke (Barbados)
268. The representative of Brazil, associating himself with the statement by Argentina, said that this item was not part of the regular agenda of the Council and had been the object of several statements during the course of the present and earlier meetings. These statements had to be duly reflected in this report to the General Council. He therefore strongly supported the idea of moving the item into a different section to make it clear that it had a different standing. The proposal by Argentina to put it under "Other Business" would serve that purpose. Additionally, it would be necessary for an effectual reflection of what actually occurred under this item to indicate the absence of agreement by Members regarding the continuation of discussions on it as a TRIPS Council agenda item. This disagreement needed to be reflected in the report to the General Council in the same way that had happened with other non-consensual elements that had also been reported to the General Council. It was important to state that there were divergences of views regarding the continuation of discussion of this item in the TRIPS Council.