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Ambassador Yonov Agah (Nigeria)
Adoption of the agenda
9. The representative of Switzerland said that his delegation had taken good note of the statements made. Switzerland had announced at the last Council meeting its intention to make a communication on this item and to share experiences with other Members who were interested in the subject matter and who would wish to do so. By observing the procedural requirements to include such an item on the agenda, his delegation was not purporting that this was now a permanent item on the Council's agenda. Rather, the aim had been to simply enable Switzerland to present its communication. His delegation remained convinced that the subject matter of its communication and of the agenda item was a very important topic and fell within the mandate of the Council. He believed that Members could benefit from each other's experiences in implementing provisions that were contained in the TRIPS Agreement and which often presented a challenge for Members to implement in an effective and workable manner. He was looking forward to exchange views and experiences with those Members who wanted to engage in discussion. He was aware that not all Members were willing to do so and said that that was to be respected.