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Ambassador Yonov Agah (Nigeria)
I.ii Arrangements for the fifth annual review
110. The Chairman recalled that paragraph 1 of the decision on the "Implementation of Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement" provided that developed country Members should annually submit reports on actions taken or planned in pursuance of their commitments under Article 66.2. To this end, every third year, new detailed reports were to be provided and, in the intervening years, updates were to be provided to their most recent reports. These reports were to be submitted prior to the last Council meeting scheduled for the year in question. Paragraph 3 of the decision determined the information that had to be provided in these reports. New detailed annual reports under the Decision had been presented to the Council's meeting in October 2006. Therefore, this year developed country Members should submit updates to these reports prior to the Council's end of year meeting that had been scheduled for 23-24 October. As provided in paragraph 2 of the Decision, the Council should review these updates at that meeting. 111. Accordingly, he suggested that developed country Members be requested to submit updates to the reports that they had provided in 2006 on actions they had taken or planned in pursuance of their commitments under Article 66.2 by 28 September in order to allow their timely circulation and review at the Council's meeting in October.