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Ambassador Yonov Agah (Nigeria)
213. The representative of Japan said that his country attached importance to technical cooperation as well as transfer of technology, which would be an essential basis to promote protection of intellectual property on a global basis. Intellectual property was intangible in nature, which meant that its value was in the form of an idea, invention, expression or know-how, rather than in physical facilities like water, electricity, building, machines, and so on. Therefore, the creative mind and knowledge of a human being was highly important in the intellectual property arena. Such characteristics of intellectual property might relate to the way of performing technical cooperation or transfer of technology. Japan had been putting emphasis on the enhancement of capacity building for people in charge of intellectual property in this connection. To be specific, he introduced the "One-Village One-Product Project" activities. This project assisted each concerned village to form capacity to make and sell marketable local products and successful examples had been generated so far under this project. Copies of DVDs explaining this "One-Village One-Product Project" were now available and he invited anybody interested in them to contact his delegation.