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Ambassador Yonov Agah (Nigeria)
B.i Review of legislation of Viet Nam
4. The Chairman recalled that, at its meeting in February 2007, the Council had agreed to review the legislation of Viet Nam, a newly acceded Member, at the present meeting. Viet Nam's notification of its TRIPS laws and regulations, dated 21 January 2008, had been circulated in document IP/N/1/VNM/1, and the texts of the notified laws in the relevant law series of documents. Its responses to the Checklist of Issues on Enforcement had just been circulated in document IP/N/6/VNM/1. At its meeting in June 2007, the Council had agreed on the arrangements for this review, including target dates for the submission of questions and answers for the review. The Council had made adjustments to these dates at its meeting in October 2007. Given that Viet Nam's notification had been made available to Members only after the said dates, he said that his intention was to keep this review on the agenda of the next meeting so as to allow those Members who might need more time to study the notification to pose questions after the present meeting if they would so wish.