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Ambassador Yonov Agah (Nigeria)
78. The Chairman recalled that, at its last meeting, the Council had taken up its annual review of technical cooperation. Given that some information from Members and other intergovernmental organizations had been made available only a short time before the review, he offered delegations a further opportunity to make comments in this regard. 79. He also recalled that paragraph 2 of the TRIPS Council's 2005 decision on the "Extension of the Transition Period under Article 66.1 for Least-Developed Country Members" provided that "with a view to facilitating targeted technical and financial cooperation programmes, all the least-developed country Members will provide to the Council for TRIPS, preferably by the 1 January 2008, as much information as possible on their individual priority needs for technical and financial cooperation in order to assist them taking steps necessary to implement the TRIPS Agreement". At the Council's last meeting, Sierra Leone and Uganda had presented communications identifying their priority needs for technical and financial cooperation (IP/C/W/499 and 500, respectively). In their communications, Sierra Leone and Uganda had requested that consultations be set up with their developed country partners and relevant international organizations on how the priority needs that they had identified could best be met. The Chairman informed the Council that such consultations were envisaged to take place back-to-back with the Council's meeting in June.