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Ambassador Gail Mathurin (Jamaica)
B.i (i) Follow-up to the review of legislation of Viet Nam
15. The representative of Switzerland thanked the Vietnamese delegation for engaging in an active and constructive manner in the review process. Switzerland was appreciative of the longstanding partnership with Viet Nam in the field of intellectual property, particularly with the National Office of Intellectual Property and the copyright authority, through a cooperation project that had been running since 2001 and had been extended for another three years in 2007. In the context of this cooperation, Switzerland was deeply impressed by the great efforts and commitment that Viet Nam had demonstrated in bringing its legislation in compliance with the TRIPS Agreement and establishing and using effectively the intellectual property protection system for the benefit of its fast growing economy and people. He encouraged Viet Nam to address the outstanding work with the same spirit and hoped to support it along the way where desired.