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Ambassador Dennis Francis (Trinidad & Tobago)
B.ii (ii) Follow-up to reviews already undertaken
16. The Chairman said that, as regards the reviews of national implementing legislation that had been initiated at the Council's meetings since April 2001, there were six reviews that still remained on the Council's agenda. These reviews concerned Cuba, Fiji, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Suriname. 17. Furthermore, a number of questions had been raised with regard to the implementing legislation of certain other Members whose reviews had already been deleted from the Council's agenda on the understanding that any delegation should feel free to revert to any matter stemming from the reviews at any time. These Members were Dominica, Gabon, Ghana and Guyana. 18. Since the Council's meeting in October 2008, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines had provided responses to all of the questions posed to it in its review. These responses had been circulated in document IP/Q/VCT/1. Given that the responses had just been circulated and were not yet available in French and Spanish, some Members might wish to have some more time to study them. Therefore, he suggested to revert to this review at the Council's next meeting.