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Ambassador Dennis Francis (Trinidad & Tobago)
94. The representative of Bangladesh recalled that his delegation had made detailed comments at the Council's meeting in October, which he wanted to follow up. Being the countries with most economic, financial and administrative constraints, the situation of LDCs had not yet changed. The need for flexibility to create a viable technological base was as necessary as ever in the face of the current financial crisis. Technical assistance had a development dimension and, in that context, he stressed developed country Members' commitment to provide technical and financial cooperation in favour of LDCs, in accordance with Article 67 of the Agreement, in order to effectively address the needs identified in accordance with paragraph 2 of the Decision of the Council for TRIPS of 29 November 2005. In this respect, he underlined that LDCs might need to request technical assistance even to prepare their priority needs assessments. He was aware that Uganda and Sierra Leone had already requested technical assistance from developed country Members and his delegation was very much interested in knowing the progress made in this regard. He said that Bangladesh was preparing its needs assessment and would present it in the near future.