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Ambassador Karen Tan (Singapore)
197. The representative of Brazil recalled that document IP/C/W/513, circulated in June 2008, proposed that the WIPO Development Agenda principles be adopted as a framework for technical cooperation and capacity building activities carried out under TRIPS Article 67. The ongoing debate in the Council on how to achieve effective compliance with obligations under that Article would greatly benefit from the contribution of the intense and broad discussions going on at WIPO on the implementation of its Development Agenda. Cluster A of the WIPO Development Agenda contained 14 recommendations on technical assistance and capacity building. 198. At the Council's previous meeting, some delegations had expressed concern that the application of the WIPO Development Agenda framework to capacity building activities related to TRIPS obligations would be complicated. He said that his understanding was that the Development Agenda recommendations were aimed at transparent, accountable and demand driven cooperation. They could easily be applied to South South cooperation and there should be no reason for them not to be applied to North South capacity building in technical cooperation. In this regard, he referred to the addendum to document IP/C/W/513/Add.1 which presented a project developed in Mozambique on sanitary controls related to pharmaceuticals. This initiative respected all the principles enshrined in the WIPO Development Agenda. He hoped that, by demonstrating how easily the WIPO Development Agenda recommendations could be followed, this document could overcome the resistance of the few countries that opposed the adoption of document IP/C/W/513.