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Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
European Union
7. The representative of the European Union said that the discussion gave him a feeling of déja vu, or to be grammatically correct, déja entendu. He was very pleased that China and India now suggested adding the issue of enforcement on the agenda of this Council meeting. He recalled that the European Union, together with other Members, had initiated a discussion on enforcement several years ago, at which time China, India, Brazil and others had opposed putting the item on the agenda. The fact that these delegations now wanted to discuss not only TRIPS enforcement, but TRIPS plus enforcement, was a change of mind which was welcome in principle and his delegation was as always ready to discuss this in a constructive spirit. However, given that no communication had been tabled in connection with this request and recalling that his delegation had been reproached for not tabling a communication on enforcement when it had proposed the agenda item, he did not agree with the inclusion of this item on the agenda, unless it was renamed "TRIPS enforcement", or "IPR enforcement trends", which was definitely a topic his delegation wished to address. The European Union would then, of course, reserve the right to table its own communications for future meetings. Unless this change was accepted, his delegation would oppose this item on the agenda, just like these very delegations had opposed adding enforcement on the agenda a few years ago.