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Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
World Trade Organization
I.1 Follow up to the seventh annual review
128. The representative of the Secretariat recalled that, for the last two years, the annual review of the implementation of Article 66.2 had been complemented by informal workshops held back-to-back with the end of year meetings of the Council. These workshops had drawn together LDC Members with those Members who had reported on their implementation of that Article. They had offered an opportunity to discuss that material in more depth and to strengthen dialogue on the practical implementation of that Article. Feedback from participants at those workshops had been positive and supportive of the continuation of these efforts, and it was therefore the Secretariat's intention to hold a further workshop along very similar lines in October, consciously building on the existing basis established by the last two workshops. In line with the overall efforts to enhance the accessibility and utility of notification materials relating to TRIPS in general, he expected that the workshop might be able to look at practical ways of using those notifications for the benefit of LDC Members. Those notifications contained a wealth of practical information on the implementation of Article 66.2, and they had clearly been prepared with much effort by the Members concerned. Over 80 documents were now available, some running to over 120 pages, and it was a significant task to digest and make the best use of that unique information. In dialogue with the LDC Members most concerned and conscious about considerable resource constraints, the Secretariat was exploring how to best make this information available to LDC and other Members with an interest in Article 66.2.