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Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
J.2 Other matters
154. The representative of Bangladesh said that, by submitting its needs assessment report at the Council's meeting in March 2010, Bangladesh had fulfilled, following the example of Uganda and Sierra Leone, its obligation enshrined in the Decision of 29 November 2005 that had extended the transition period for LDCs up to 1 July 2013. Other LDCs were in the pipeline. He hoped they would not feel discouraged by the experience up to date. He congratulated Rwanda for the submission of its needs assessment and hoped Members would respond positively to Rwanda's request. This brought the total number of LDCs needs assessment reports to four. He requested other LDC colleagues to submit their own reports. He also urged developed country Members to play their part. Bangladesh was ready to engage bilaterally as well as multilaterally. At the Council's meeting in March 2009, the delegate of Switzerland had shown interests in the needs assessment report of Bangladesh. He requested the European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Norway and other Members who were in a position to do so to engage with Bangladesh both in Geneva and in the capital. He looked forward to engaging with developed country Members in the near future. Without an adequate response, a further extension of the transition period would have to be sought. This was not his preferred option.