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Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
Bolivia, Plurinational State of
206. The representative of Bolivia said that his delegation was interested in having a structured and in depth analysis of the reasons that had made it impossible to fully implement the Paragraph 6 system. At the informal session of the preceding day, his delegation had been somewhat surprised to learn that some Members failed to see any problems with the implementation of the system. He said that if a costly hospital had been built, which had taken a long time to build and if in the six years since its inauguration it had only been used once, an investigation would be launched involving all stakeholders to find out the reason. Something similar had occurred in the implementation of the Paragraph 6 system, since more than six years had elapsed and the system had been used only once and, moreover, had been ratified only by a small number of Members. He said that now would be the right time to have an in depth analysis, consulting all interested parties and international bodies specializing in health matters, NGOs that were committed to health, the pharmaceutical industry and governments. That was why a dedicated workshop had been suggested to establish why the system was not functioning. He said that his delegation believed that the suggestions of the delegations of India and China as to a two day workshop, one just for Members and the other for interested parties in general, would be the best way to move forward towards a solution. His delegation also supported the suggestion of the delegation of Cuba that the workshop be held prior to the next Council for TRIPS scheduled for October.