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Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
F.5 Any alternatives to the use of the Paragraph 6 System to achieve the objective of access to medicines, procurement policies, and other related aspects affecting access to medicines
275. The representative of Brazil shared her delegation's experience with the System. Paragraph 7 of the Decision of August 2003 had established that "Members recognize the desirability of promoting the transfer of technology and capacity building in the pharmaceutical sector in order to overcome the problem identified in paragraph 6 of the Declaration". Her delegation regarded this as an essential element of the Decision. While not directly related to the System's implementation, she referred to a recent initiative funded by Brazil in an attempt to solve the problem of countries with limited manufacturing capacity. The Brazilian Government was helping Mozambique set up a small manufacturing unit for the production of first-line antiretroviral medicines based on the portfolio of drugs produced by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. The output of this unit was initially intended for the local market. In the future, the producing platform of Mozambique might also supply other neighbouring markets.