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Ambassador Federico A. González (Paraguay) (24-25 October) and Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China) (17 November)
G.5 Any alternatives to the use of Paragraph 6 System to achieve the objective of access to medicines, procurement policies, and other related aspects affecting access to medicines raised by Members
228. The representative of Cuba shared the concerns expressed by other delegations on the implementation of the Paragraph 6 System. As regards the acceptance of the Protocol Amending the TRIPS Agreement, she noted that it was the responsibility of Members to create suitable rules that provided a lasting solution and did not require frequent revision. In that context, it was important that further discussions be held in the Council before Members rushed to accept the Protocol. Those should aim at clarifying any doubts about the System's functioning, and address the reasons why it had been rarely used. To this end, the organization of a workshop would be desirable in order to provide greater clarity on the effectiveness of the implementation and operation of the System.