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Ambassador Dacio Castillo (Honduras)
2.4 Arrangements for the review of the national implementing legislation of the Russian Federation
20. The Chairman said that the Russian Federation, a new Member of the WTO, had agreed to apply fully the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement from the date of accession to the WTO, including provisions for enforcement, without recourse to any transitional period. As he had mentioned under item 1, the Russian Federation had already made its initial notification of its TRIPS implementing laws and regulations. 21. In scheduling the review of the implementing legislation of the Russian Federation, the Council should reserve enough time for other Members to prepare questions to be posed to it in the context of this review. It would also need to ensure that the Russian Federation had sufficient time to prepare its responses. Accordingly, he suggested that the Council schedule the review for its second meeting in 2013, which had tentatively been pencilled in for 11-12 June. In accordance with the standard procedures for the review, he propose that the Council set the following target dates for the submission of questions and answers in that review: • Questions should normally be submitted to the Russian Federation, with a copy to the Secretariat, 10 weeks before the meeting in which the review takes place; accordingly, he suggested a target date of 2 April 2013; • Responses to questions posed within that deadline should normally be submitted four weeks before the meeting; accordingly, he suggested a target date of 14 May 2013.