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Ambassador Dacio Castillo (Honduras)
Bolivia, Plurinational State of
11.22. The representative of Bolivia supported the LDC Group's request and hoped a decision on extension could be agreed by consensus. In his view, the request was more than reasonable. As data had showed, LDCs' situation did not seem to be improving but getting worse instead. The multilateral trading system could be irrelevant, and trigger a change in the situation if there were willingness by Members to adopt realistic, timely and appropriate measures, so that these LDCs could have sufficient public policy space to develop the necessary tools to be able to improve their situation. These changes were not, as some believed, limited to a time factor. It was essential that qualitative improvements be made in the economies of these Members. An extension of the transitional period under Article 66.1 without any conditions was necessary for the economy of these countries. Even if they had developed some IP legislation they were not ready to implement the Agreement. They had to be given flexibility so that they could fulfill their commitments. 11.23. Article 66.1 required, as the sole condition for the extension, that the request be "duly motivated request". An extension must be extended to the whole group and not on a case-by-case basis, so as not to bring pressure to bear on individual countries, as had been the case in the past when they were requested to accept a non-rollback clause or an extension for a very short period. 11.24. Many intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations had expressed their support for an extension for different reasons. Bolivia believed that all these expressions of support were well-founded and must be considered. 11.25. He said that the issue of extension should not be considered as a part of the balance for the package of results for development for the next Ministerial Conference in Bali. Any decision pertained to the regular work of the Organization.