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Ambassador Alfredo Suescum (Panama)
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
246. Saudi Arabia would like to thank Ecuador for its proposal. Saudi Arabia shares Ecuador's view that technology transfer is a pertinent issue, especially for developing and least-developed countries. However, discussions relating to climate-change measures and related technologies should be undertaken under the UNFCCC, which is the relevant expert forum. Moreover, Saudi Arabia would like to highlight the following two points: firstly, the commercialization and dissemination of key technologies for the environment is an important issue for both developed and developing countries. This issue is currently under discussion in the Committee on Trade and Environment under the first part of paragraph 32 of the Doha Declaration, the effect of environmental measures on market access. Secondly, we note that the negotiations under paragraph 31(1) of the Doha Declaration on the relationship between existing WTO roles and specific trade obligations set out in multilateral environmental agreements are taking place in the CTE Special Session. Therefore related issues should be discussed in that negotiating body.
The Council took note of the statements made.
11.1. The Chairman said that the item had been put on the agenda at the written request of the delegation of Ecuador. He recalled that, at the Council's meeting in March 2013, Ecuador had briefly presented, under "Other Business", its submission entitled "Contribution of Intellectual Property for Facilitating the Transfer of Environmentally Rational Technology" (IP/C/W/585).

11.2. The representatives of Ecuador, Cuba, Indonesia, China, India, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Bangladesh, Nepal on behalf of the LDC Group, Rwanda, Brazil, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United States, Japan, the European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Bolivia, and the United States took the floor under this agenda item. The statements will be reproduced in an addendum to the present record.

11.3. In concluding, the Chairman said that, as the representative of Ecuador had said in his initial statement, Ecuador's submission had been useful in sparking discussion on the relationship between IP, climate change and development. He believed that the discussion would continue, particularly as some delegations had indicated that they were keen to continue the debate. He noted, however, that there were diverging positions with regard to a post-Bali programme or agenda.

11.4. The Council took note of the statements made.

IP/C/M/73, IP/C/M/73/Add.1