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H.E. Ambassador Dr. Walter Werner
181.   Australia takes an active role in promoting technical cooperation and capacity building in the intellectual property field as we have highlighted in our 2018 Article 67 Report. 182.   Since our last meeting, the ongoing work of the WIPO-Australia Funds in Trust (FIT) programme has continued to support least developed and developing country Members with the development and implementation of IP systems and enhancement of their IP capabilities. 183.   We are pleased to reiterate our commitment to technical cooperation and intellectual property capacity building activities.
The Council took note of the statement made.
31.   The Chair recalled that the Council had conducted its annual review of technical cooperation, at its meeting in November 2018. Considering that some information had been made available only shortly before that meeting, the Council had agreed that Members would have a further opportunity to make comments at this present meeting. Since then, the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) had submitted its report on technical cooperation activities (IP/C/W/644/Rev.1/Add.6).
32.   The representative of Australia took the floor.
33.   The Council took note of the statement made.
IP/C/M/91, IP/C/M/91/Add.1, IP/C/M/91/Corr.1