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H.E. Ambassador Dr Walter Werner
282.   Norway would like to thank the proponents for the communication contained in document IP/C/W/642 and for including the topic on the agenda of the TRIPS Council. The societal value of IP is a topic of interest to Norway, and we take the floor today mainly to indicate our support of the discussions, which we continue to follow with interest. We see this as a good opportunity to have a balanced discussion related to IP in the WTO, focusing on both challenging and positive aspects of Intellectual property rights. 283.   Norway supports effective and balanced protection of IP, which we view as an important incentive for investments in innovation and creativity. Norway is not in a position today to share specific examples or experiences. However, we have taken note of the proponents' questions and we may come back to the Council with more specific comments later this year. 284.   We would also like thank other Members for their interesting presentations and interventions today.
33.   The Chair said the TRIPS Council had regularly conducted annual reviews of technical cooperation and capacity building activities at its end of the year meeting, based on reports submitted by developed country Members, international organizations and the WTO Secretariat. In line with past practice, he suggested the following approach:
a. The next review should take place at the meeting of the TRIPS Council, scheduled for 89 November 2018;

b. Developed country Members were invited to submit information on their activities, pursuant to Article 67 of the TRIPS Agreement. Other Members who also engage in technical cooperation were, of course, encouraged to share information if they so wished;

c. Intergovernmental organizations with observer status in the TRIPS Council, as well as the WTO Secretariat, were invited to report on their relevant activities; and

d. The deadline to submit written information would be set on 12 October 2018, i.e. four weeks prior to the TRIPS Council meeting, in order to allow timely circulation before the meeting.
34.   The Council so agreed.
IP/C/M/89, IP/C/M/89/Add.1