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H.E. Ambassador Dr Walter Werner
330.   We thank the LDC Group for its proposal and its recent room document with an illustrative list of incentives. We will consider further the informal document on incentives, we note that Australia takes its obligations under Article 66.2 very seriously. With respect to the point raised in the proposal in paragraph 3, we think only including in our Article 66.2 report incentives which relate to technology transfer exclusively to LDCs would not be an accurate picture of Australia's implementation of Article 66.2. For example, we provide incentives for technology transfer to the ASEAN region, which includes both developing countries and LDCS. 331.   From our perspective, even if the incentive also led to technology transfer to developing countries, it would still be relevant to co-recipient LDCS under Article 66.2. We continue to see forums, like the Article 66.2 workshop as the kind of forum more suited to questions regarding approaches to reporting on Article 66.2.
39.   The Chair said that the Central African Republic, on behalf of the LDC Group, had requested the inclusion of the agenda item "LDC Group Proposal on the Implementation of Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement". Reference had been made to an earlier communication from the LDC Group, on the same topic, that had already been introduced at the Council's last meeting (circulated in document IP/C/W/640). As requested by Bangladesh on behalf of the LDC Group, he had also facilitated an informal meeting between representatives from the LDC Group and developed country Members, which had taken place the previous week. Those initial discussions of the LDC Group Proposal had focused on the incentives needed to encourage companies to transfer technologies to LDCs and on the reporting mechanism. They had been very constructive.
40.   As follow up to that initial discussion, the LDC Group had also made available an illustrative list of incentives for consideration by Members. Printed copies of the room document RD/IP/24 had been made available for delegations in French and English.
41.   The representatives of Chad, on behalf of the LDC Group; Bangladesh; the United States; India; Norway; New Zealand; the European Union; Canada; Australia; Switzerland; Japan; Brazil; and Nepal took the floor.
42.   The Chair said that he would continue to facilitate consultations amongst Members to find possible solutions.
43.   Council took note of the statements made.
IP/C/M/89, IP/C/M/89/Add.1