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H.E. Ambassador Xolelwa Mlumbi-Peter
Russian Federation
99.   My delegation supports the inclusion of this topic to the Council agenda, and thanks South Africa for this initiative. In the context of the pandemic it is important to have an open, transparent and balanced discussion of IP measures related to the pandemic in our Council. The Russian Federation thanks the Secretariat for establishing and maintaining the dedicated web resource. It is a very useful and easy to use instrument for all Members. 100.   We would like to share with Members some of the measures taken by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federal Services for Intellectual Property related to the COVID19 situation. 101.   The first measure was the creation of a special information section in the official internet site of the Russian Federal Institute for Intellectual Property, which contains information on patents relevant in the context of a pandemic (patent documents submitted by both domestic and foreign right holders). 102.   The second was the creation of a special news section on the official internet site of the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property "Patent of the week" to promote inventions which represent technical solutions related to the fight against COVID-19. 103.   The third was the Decision of the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property on accelerated consideration of applications for inventions and utility models in the field of technologies for combating viruses and associated diseases (pneumonia) without charging an additional fee. 104.   During the period from 15 April to 17 May, a system of full electronic interaction was applied between the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property and applicants. 105.   The fifth is under Government Resolution of 20 June 2020, time limits for the applicant's opportunity to perform actions related to the legal protection of intellectual property (including those related to the payment of patent and other fees) was extended at the request of the applicant until 31 December 2020.
18.   The Council took note of the statements made.
15.   The Chair said that the item had been put on the agenda at the request of South Africa, referring to the document "COVID-19: Measures Regarding Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights", which was available from the WTO website and contained a non-exhaustive list of IP-related measures taken in the context of COVID-19. The list compiled by the Secretariat from official sources and verified by the Members concerned. It was updated continuously, and the latest version was always available on the WTO website. She invited South Africa to introduce the item.
16.   The representative of South Africa took the floor to introduce the item.
17.   The representatives of Nigeria; Brazil; China; Chile; India; El Salvador; the Russian Federation; Indonesia; Ecuador; the United States of America; the European Union; Australia; and Switzerland took the floor.
18.   The Council took note of the statements made.
IP/C/M/95, IP/C/M/95/Add.1