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H.E. Ambassador Xolelwa Mlumbi-Peter (South Africa)
World Trade Organization
1545.   As in previous occasions and for Members' information, the Secretariat will provide a brief update of the issues related to intellectual property policy that have come up in the most recent Trade Policy Reviews. 1546.   Since the last TRIPS Council Meeting in July, the Trade Policy Review of Zimbabwe took place. During this review, delegations sought further TRIPS-related details on: a. The implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy; b. Implementation of the TRIPS Agreement; c. Programmes to raise awareness on the importance of the protection of intellectual property; d. Ratification of the Protocol Amending the TRIPS Agreement; and e. Accession to and implementation of WIPO instruments. 1547.   The Secretariat has also contributed to the G20 and WTOwide Director-General's Monitoring Reports. The reports are planned to be distributed before end-November. The WTO-wide report covers developments on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPS), including the information on developments in domestic legislation and administrative issues submitted for the monitoring exercise by Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Chile, China, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Mauritius, the Russian Federation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei and Ukraine. 1548.   As in the mid-year monitoring reports that were circulated in the summer, the end-year reports also include a sub-section on the specific IP-related measures aimed at facilitating the development and dissemination of COVID-19-related health technologies, as well as at relaxing procedural requirements and extending deadlines for administrative IP matters. The table containing these measures is regularly updated and available on the WTO website, as was discussed earlier under agenda item 3.
The Council took note of the information provided.
107. The Chair recalled that the purpose of this agenda item was to keep Members informed on developments in other WTO bodies, which were relevant to TRIPS matters. Therefore, no discussion was required. She invited the Secretariat to provide the regular briefing on IP-related issues considered in the context of individual Members' trade policy reviews, and in the Director-General's Monitoring Report.
108. The representative of the Secretariat took the floor.
109. The Council took note of the information provided.
IP/C/M/96, IP/C/M/96/Add.1