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H.E. Ambassador Dagfinn Sørli and Ambassador Dr. Lansana Gberie
432.   Canada would like to thank the Members that have taken the floor and that have read our Group's paper for their interest and would like to express particular thanks to Chad as coordinator of the LDC Group. 433.   In choosing the topic of the paper and its positions during this exercise, we made considerable efforts to think about considerations specific to MSMEs in LDCs and have tried hard to listen, including today when we were involved in discussions to gather the views of LDCs and to trace or identify the connections between the most dynamic countries and the development of a broad range of innovative MSMEs in LDCs, as defined in the paper. We would therefore like to thank Chad and other Members once again for their interest and their views. 434.   We have truly aimed to address this subject and write this paper without preconceived notions and without really knowing what we would find; we eventually emerged from the exercise with more questions than answers, as reflected to some extent in our paper. However, this is no bad thing as it clearly shows us some avenues that deserve or need more discussion and attention here at the WTO or elsewhere. 435.   Regarding Chad's question on the projects mentioned by Canada in our intervention, the details of these projects, and indeed of all Canadian development projects, are available online in a public database on Canada's international development projects called Project Browser. I can share this information with Chad, at the very least, and I could also see if it would be possible to provide further information and views, in addition to those available online, for those that are interested. I can provide Chad with information laterally, but the project database can also be found through search engines by looking up "banque de projets-développements Canada" in French or "Project Browser" in English.
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83. The Chair said this item had been put on the agenda at the request of Australia; Canada; Chile; the European Union; Japan; Singapore; Switzerland; The Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu; the United Kingdom; and the United States of America. A communication with the same title had been received from the co-sponsors and circulated as document .
84. The representatives of Canada; the United States; the European Union; Japan; Singapore; the United Kingdom; Chinese Taipei; Australia; Switzerland; Chile; Chad Brazil; Hong Kong, China; China; and WIPO took the floor.
85. The Council took note of the statements made under this item.
IP/C/M/104/Add.1, IP/C/M/104/Rev.1, IP/C/M104