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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
G Arrangements for Cooperation with WIPO
60. The representative of Canada said that her delegation endorsed the suggestion that the Chairman begin informal consultations with representatives of WIPO. It was important and timely to begin a process of consultations, which should be informal at this stage, so that views could be exchanged with the International Bureau and reactions could be obtained to some of the options that had been developed in the context of the Council for TRIPS, in particular with respect to the working hypothesis on notification procedures for laws and regulations. Indeed, a number of the delegations present today had participated also in the meeting of the WIPO Working Group on 12 May 1995, which had just been summarized for the Council by the Ambassador of Tunisia, and had anticipated at that meeting that the possibility of informal consultations by the Chairman of the Council for TRIPS would be discussed and supported at today's meeting. Many delegations, including the Canadian delegation, while continuing to express serious reservations about the proposal for the establishment of a Joint Consultative Group between WIPO and the WTO, had stated a strong preference for the pursuit at this stage of just the type of informal contacts as suggested by the Chairman. She also wished to clarify that the suggestion had been made at the meeting of the WIPO Working Group that the Chairperson of that Working Group might participate in such informal consultations and many delegations had expressed support for the idea that this could be considered in informal consultations that would be undertaken with respect to who the Chairperson would be for future meetings of the Working Group and the rôle that the Chairperson might possibly play. However, many delegations had not supported at the time the idea that member States of WIPO might also participate in the informal consultations, as suggested by the Director General of WIPO.