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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
World Customs Organization (WCO)
H Draft Model Legislation of the WCO
65. The representative of the World Customs Organization said that the draft model legislation on intellectual property rights, of which the WCO had provided a copy to the WTO Secretariat and which was contained in the document referred to, had been prepared with the active participation of customs administrations, WIPO, the WTO and the trade. A few slight modifications had been adopted last week by the Permanent Technical Committee of the WCO and the WCO Secretariat was at this time in the process of printing the final draft of the model legislation in preparation of the annual WCO Council meeting which would begin on 19 June 1995 in Brussels for the Directors General of Customs; at that meeting the draft was likely to be accepted and become a final document for the use of the members of the WCO. In addition, she also said that, in anticipation of the adoption of the model legislation, the WCO Secretariat had started the preparation of a videotape and brochure to explain the model legislation and the issues relating to intellectual property rights in general to the members of the WCO. Moreover, a series of training seminars had been organized, one of which was to be held next week in Brussels for the Benelux countries.