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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
C.3 Article 69: Notification of contact points
27. The Chairman recalled that, at the last meeting of the Council, he had been asked to hold informal consultations on this matter. As a result of these consultations, he proposed the following Council decision on the procedures for the notification of contact points under this Article: Each Member shall notify the following information relating to the contact point or each of the contact points that it has established for the purposes of Article 69: (i)the name of the authority in question; (ii)its address; (iii)its telephone and telefax numbers and, where appropriate, E-mail reference. Members are also invited, where appropriate, to identify at each contact point a contact official. Such notifications should be made by 1 January 1996 and any subsequent changes to the information notified promptly. The Secretariat will compile the information into a single document for distribution to Members. This document will be kept up to date through addenda and corrigenda and periodic revisions.