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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
F Report to the General Council
25. The Chairman said that the General Council, at its meeting of 15 November 1995, had decided that the sectoral Councils should report in November each year to the General Council on their activities. In order to help to respond to this requirement, the Secretariat had circulated a draft report (IP/C/W/16). He proposed that the Secretariat be requested to update that document in the light of the discussions that had taken place today and recirculate the updated version immediately to Members. Any comments Members might have could be submitted until the end of November to the Secretariat, after which the document would be redrafted, as appropriate, and submitted directly to the General Council, unless comments were controversial in nature. Of course, there would also be an opportunity to comment on the report at the meeting of the General Council of 13-14 December.