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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
H Technical Cooperation
50. The representative of Paraguay expressed his satisfaction with the decisions adopted in the framework of WIPO to carry forward technical cooperation in favour of developing countries, as well as with the cooperation agreement recently signed between the WTO and WIPO, which inter alia provided for complementary action between the two Organizations in technical cooperation. He believed that the Council should take these matters into consideration in its work and avoid overlapping activities with WIPO. The representative of the United States noted the usefulness of the recently concluded agreement between the WTO and WIPO, which ensured close cooperation between the WTO and WIPO in the area of technical assistance, which was very valuable given the limited resources of the WTO. He also drew attention to the decision by the General Assembly of WIPO to allocate additional financing of SwF 6 million to TRIPS implementation issues for developing countries. The representative of Cuba expressed his satisfaction over the agreement, which would no doubt strengthen the cooperation between the Organizations in the field of technical cooperation.